Aims and overview of the Education program


  • To provide training to ensure volunteer workers gain insight, knowledge and skillsrelating to Palliative and Aged Care Services.
  • To provide volunteer workers with the information required to work safely in a health care environment.

Training includes:

  • Introduction to Mission, Vision and Philosophy of Calvary Health Care Sydney
  • Comprehensive overview of services offered by Calvary Health Care Sydney
  • Overview of Palliative and Aged Care Services
  • Overview of patient contact and role of the volunteer
  • Development of effective communication skills when speaking  with patient  and family members
  • Overview of physical, emotional, social and spiritual issues that people can encounter at end of life
  • Safe Work Practices:  Manual Handling, Work Health and Safety, Universal precautions and Fire Safety
  • Role description and the boundaries  of patient relationships for the volunteer worker
  • Rights and responsibilities of volunteering? for the volunteer, the organisation and the client /patient
  • Duty of Care- how this applies to your voluntary activity
  • Review of duties regarding Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Information on self care
  • Basic information about Grief, Loss and Bereavement


"For many of us taking on the role of volunteer means entering a world that under normal circumstances would be denied us."  Gallasch

Calvary Health Care Sydney group volunteers