The most satisfying part of my massaging career

My name is Robert and I have been a Massage therapist for over 15 years.

 On the 21st of January 1998 I obtained my Certificate level III and my Diploma in Remedial Massage from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies . My aim was to commence my own practice in Remedial Massage and to help as many people as possible to feel good.It also had to be a means to feed and sustain my family .I was lucky enough to have part-time work which was flexible so I could grow my customer base while still ensuring an income.The business did not grow quickly and I spent more time in my part-time position than on massage. A neighbour suggested that I might offer my services as a massage therapist at Calvary Hospital , on a voluntary basis . I thought about this for a short time then contact the Manager Volunteer Services to discuss the possibilty of of using Massage at Calvary. It just happened that Calvary had just launched a new initiative called the  "Care for the Carers" program .This program started with two other therapists, Sr. Marimil and  Bridget McKern .The aim was to provide staff , time to recharge their spirit and physical well being . The program quickly expanded to include our Palliative Care  Patients and their carers and staff  across the whole organisation. 

I have had some very great and moving experiences , massaging people from the whole spectrum of life situations . Patients, who have never had a massage before , just relaxed so much that you could feel the tension leave their body - They experienced feeling at peace . Carers who had been watching vigilantly by their loved ones bed side , exhausted but wanting to remain alert - massage brought comfort and re-energised them .

The benefits for the staff who often develop tension , aches and pains in their body from carrying out their work are enormous , and a massage can also provide some well needed TLC amidst the everyday pressures of their roles.

It is a real privilage to be able to use theraputic massage to connect with all people to bring comfort , healing and peace . My 3 hours of volunteering each week has been the most satisfying part of my massaging career for the past 15 years , I just hope I can continue in this field of work for another 15 years .

Robert Balbi

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I just hope I can continue in this field of work for another 15 years.