Feedback from a Community Patient

Jenni has been visiting Chris (who has motor Neurone disease) for over a year. She provides limb massage and in return Chris provides some hilarious conversation.

When talking with Chris about the value of having a volunteer visit, he typed the following message

"my" volunteer, Jenni  provides a service, free of charge, no strings attached nor anything expected in return. Jenni gives up her own time to visit and massages some life back into my legs.

She provides a life-line to the outside world. Sure, I can watch the nightly news but it gives no hint of what is happening locally, Jenni imparts this information and the local "goss" in our many conversations.

She also provides a sounding board for my wife, Jan. They discuss a myriad of topics which include fashion, home decoration, recipes and travel, topics which I am happy to be excluded from. 

Thumbs up from me for the Calvary volunteers.


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She provides a life-line to the outside world.