Day Dementia Unit

I have been volunteering at Calvary for 15 years within the hospital and community setting and have had many memorable experiences.

Recently I commenced working in our Dementia Day care centre and would like to share a very special moment which affected me deeply.

One of our staff members put on a CD of Zorba the Greek and encouraged one of our Greek clients, who normally just shuffles around and rarely speaks, to join her in the dance. She put her arms around his shoulders and started to do the steps. He looked a little puzzled and I was thinking to myself, he probably can't remember the dance, but slowly his right foot started to tap to the rhythm and gradually he began to dance.

A huge smile spread across his face as we all clapped in time to the music as he proudly showed us how it's done.

It was a joyous and amazing moment and reinforced my admiration for this service and how it captured the essence of care for our clients who have dementia. 

Kay Dorrington

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It was a joyous and amazing moment