Community Palliative Care Volunteer

Anne-Marie (our Manager Volunteer Services) phoned in her usual effervescent manner and gave me the details [address etc] of a new lady whom I was to visit.  Anne-Marie said that this lady had been in hospital and could do with some T.L.C. in the ensuing months.

I stopped in to visit my lady Sue.  We started off with a foot soak and foot massage.  This was her first, however Sue warmed to the experience wholeheartedly.

After several weeks we were chatting about all sorts of things and the subject of meditation came up.  I learnt that her son was suffering from a debilitating illness and had been meditating for the past 12 years.  Sue had witnessed the benefits of meditation first hand and was very eager to find out more about this wonderful practice.

I told her that I had experienced group meditation with a very special, talented teacher [Barbara Scott].  With some encouragement from Anne-Marie I discussed the possibility of introducing Sue to meditation.  At the same time I was feeling a little shaky about my ability, confidence and readiness to attempt such a task.  However I knew it was time to move out of my comfort zone and focus on giving back some of the learning and gift I have received.  We laughed together and I joked that she [Sue] would be a great 'model' to start with.  She was so accepting and open and she had such a wonderful sense of humour.  I could make all my mistakes and still feel O.K.

I can thank Sue, this wise and wonderful lady for allowing me to nurture and develop a new skill that I can now give to someone else.  It is such a joy to give unconditionally without expecting anything in return.  It is such a privilege to be a small part of another's journey through life  to uplift someone's spirit is all that is required; we can do this in so many different ways.

Jan McCready

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