A normal day in the life of a volunteer

The volunteers at Calvary assist the patients in many ways  some ways they know about, some ways they don't know about.  For example, when one the patients Mary was admitted earlier this year she brought with her a rather unusual bowl containing two small fish and some green weed.  These provided great comfort to her and relaxation.

Mary was fortunate to have many visitors bearing gifts - sweets, fruit, cakes, flowers etc.  Generally one of the visitors would assist Mary with the flowers and so on.  However on one occasion one of the volunteers, seeing the murky bowl on the bedside table decided to do the right thing.  She took the bowl to the cleaner's room where she proceeded to empty the bowl, refill it with fresh water and place fresh flowers in it.

When the volunteer returned to the ward one of the other volunteers remarked 'Did the fish die' ?  Quick as a flash the volunteer returned with the bowl of flowers to the cleaner's room where fortunately the two small fish were found flapping in the bottom of the cleaner's tub.  The flowers were immediately removed and the two fish returned to the bowl.  They are now swimming happily ever after.  Just another day in the life of a volunteer!!!

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