A meeting I will never forget

It was my usual Tuesday afternoon at Calvary. I come after work, sometimes tired and thinking about all the things I should be doing at home but knowing that the experiences I will have will leave me feeling so thankful.

This particular day I had already seen several patients when I thought I could fit in one more before I went home.  I was looking into rooms for a patient who might like some company and glanced at a man whose face was disfigured by his disease.   Not wanting to confront my own feelings about this I continued down the corridor when I paused and reflected.  I returned to his room and asked permission to enter explaining that I was a volunteer. I could sense that he didn’t trust me completely but I asked if I could massage his hands. “No one has ever asked me to massage my hands in my life” he said. I placed my hand on his table, palm up, and slowly he placed his hand in mine. Tears welled in my eyes … I massaged ever so gently and little by little I felt more comfortable.

As time passed we both relaxed and I didn’t want to leave. I knew he was thankful, his eyes told me so. I walked away looking back with a smile, overwhelmed by what had just happened. I sat in my car and wept in grateful thanks for the experience. I will never forget this meeting.

Bev  (Hospital volunteer in Palliative Care)

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No one has ever asked me to massage my hands in my life