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The richness of the Calvary Volunteer Program is largely due to the variety of backgrounds and skills people offer. Within the Hospital, volunteers work alongside the team of the professional staff, providing comfort and care to our patients in the palliative care and rehabilitation units. Calvary offers volunteers an opportunity to draw on their diverse range of skills, which enhance the care we can offer our patients and their families. Some prefer to assist in helping with practical tasks such as bed making, helping patients at meal time or assisting the staff in the gym/diversional activities. Others provide companionship, gentle massage, hairdressing, flower arranging, manicures, outings to the garden and the happy hour. We also have a Dementia Care Day Centre where volunteer support is welcomed.

Community Palliative Care Volunteer Service

In the community, we provide a range of services to support people to spend as much quality time as possible with the one they are caring for in their home. Referrals are made to the Manager of Volunteer Services, who meets with the clients/family to discuss their needs. Trained volunteer members of the Team are linked with our Palliative Care clients, to provide family members with some respite by giving them the time to 'recharge' their batteries, to do the shopping at a less frantic pace or  just to get a few hours to catch up with friends. Many of our clients live alone and appreciate the Calvary volunteer coming in to spend a bit of quality time with them.

Other services offered to our community clients include gentle massage, meditation relaxation techniques, recording memoirs if desired, hairdressing for housebound and transport to doctors or treatment appointments when other avenues of transport are not available. Sometimes it is just having someone who will listen with care, compassion and in confidence.  We also have a group of Volunteers also deliver and collect the equipment provided by Calvary to enable the clients to remain in the home with their families. 

The Care for the Carers Program

This program was introduced in 1998 as a means of supporting our staff and Palliative Care clients and their carers. The service is provided by professional massage therapists who volunteer their time and skill. It is provided free of charge and operates 3 days a week.

Hospital Volunteer Service

Volunteer members of the team can work in a diverse number of roles within the organisation. Within the hospital, volunteers are assigned to work as  'buddies' to the professional staff, providing comfort and care to patients in the palliative care and rehabilitation units.

Evening volunteering shift commences about 4pm or so and assist patients at meal time, offer foot/ hand massage and companionship etc. This shift is usually finished by 6.30pm

Qualified hairdressers provide haircuts and assist with the wig library. There is no charge for this service.

The Jolly Trolley is a volunteer service, providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, biscuits and cheese to the patients. The focus is on providing light hearted and enjoyable moments in a caring and sensitive atmosphere

Musicians and Entertainers also provide enjoyable interludes throughout the week to our rehabilitation and dementia care clients. 

Calvary Auxiliary

Calvary has a very active auxiliary who raise funds for the hospital through the Calvary Coffee Shop and various other fund raising events.

For more information please contact:

Anne-Marie Traynor, Manager of Volunteer Service - 91-111 Rocky Point Road, Kogarah  NSW  2217

Phone No: 95533173 or via email  Anne-Marie.Traynor@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au


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